About us
  • There is no point in writing tediously about the love for animals and nature.
  • There is no point in describing my life problems, which are present in everybodyś life anyway.
  • There is a point in naming friends who entered my life and effected in small or big way the turn of life events, provided good advice or supported me in some way.

This way, I would like to thank to:

  • Naďa Zahajská http://magicstreet.unas.cz– without whom I wouldn't most probably start with breeding and for grooming Dona.
  • Milada Kubíkováwww.kokrspanel.cz – for amazing bitch Jenny who brings us nothing but hapiness
  • Iva Maršíkováhttp://bukova-studanka.cz– for help, nobody can put a price tag on, in my beginnings in dog shows, for greatly grooming Jenny and for our next member of the pack - bitch Heidi.
  • Petr Studeníkwww.blackpetrs.com – for the fact that he doesn't keep all his valuable experience for himself and that he managed to build the Cockerclub (www.cockerclub.cz).
  • Pavel Šulcek - www.cockers.cz - for advice and opinions which are eye-opening.

  • My partner Pepa Milík – for his complete support.
  • All breeders who I had the chance to meet and who enriched my "dog" life. (You will find all their contacts in Links)
  • And last but not least my mother and daughters – for their neverending "security service" of watching over the dogs.
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