Bucifal Andraste

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He is very laid-back, but always looking after his girls and wouldn't change them for anything in the world. At work, he can't surpress his lively temperament and at home, he is simply a cuddling machine.

Health: DKK - C/C (Hip score 8:8)
            DLK - 0/0
            LP - 0/0           
            prcd PRA clear
            FN clear (by parents)
            Eye test clear (2015/07)


Beauty Spot Faledo


HD:A, prcd PRA: clear, FN:clear

Doubtless Black Petrs

Charbonnel Star Wars

Charbonnel Warlord

Jimmison Jingle

Doubtless Mad Mosquito

Charbonnel Glen Martin

Lynwater Rough Diamond

Dona Rafaella z Vejminku

Venture z Vejminku

Quettadene Once More

Jozelah Words And Music

Sabina z Vejminku

Quettadene Once More

Etna z Vejminku

Heidi od Bukové studánky


HD:C/B, prcd PRA: carrier, FN:clear


Shavian As Promised

Travis Gossip Starts Here

Travis Touch Mark

Travis Neon Light

Shavian Soul Mate

Northworth Madman´s Retum

Shavian Black Velvet

Cilka od Bukové studánky

Imperial Of Forest Paradise

Bandy z Malé Kamenné

Casablanca Of Forest Paradise

Quinta z Lesních chalup

Thomas z Lesních chalup

Rosmery Milky Way

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